Hijama & Leech Therapy Course

  • TeacherDr./N Suleyman GOK
  • TeacherDr./N Suleyman GOK
  • State / Area / CityONLINE COURSE
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  • LanguageEnglish
  • Date05-12-2021
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We do offer FREE HIJAMA COURSE via youtube videos. 


Click to link to watch Free Hijama Course Videos.

After watching videos you may attend an open book test and request your accredited Hijama certificate.

All questions please write via WhatsApp to +1 714 909 46 66

  • Live workshop course after online course

    We offer face-to-face live workshop courses in 20+ countries and 200+ cities.

  • How can I be an Hijama Trainer?

    Only medical doctors, nurses, or people with a medical background may apply to become hijama trainers.
  • Feel free to apply via the contact form on the side or bottom of the screen.

Course Content

As a course curriculum, we do follow Dr./N Suleyman Gok's hijama book. Mr. Gok hijama book is available for everyone to read online free. https://www.onlinehijamacourses.com/library/hijama-book-english-pdf/ (Copy and paste this link to your browser)
After you understand the relation between hijama and leech therapy you will be able to cure diseases up to %90.
Hijama points over 40 disiases
Which diseases are benefiting from hijama therapy? Step by step explaniton.
To whom hijama you may not apply. Step by step contra indication of hijama therapy
According to the lunar calendar sunnah days or most beneficial days of the hijama
Most beneficial hijama points.



Anyone after watching whole videos may request an accredited hijama certificate.
Hijama test is an open book test. Once you finished watching all videos you can request test questions.
After passing the open book test the hijama and leech therapy certificate $300 USD. Includes shipping worldwide.
Yes, you can. We do have more than thousands of students around the world who all learned hijama online via you tube videos.

English - German Hijama Certificate
English - German Hijama Certificate

English - German Leech Therapy Certificate
English - German Leech Therapy Certificate

German - English Hijama Certificate
German - English Hijama Certificate

German - English Leech Therapy Certificate
German - English Leech Therapy Certificate


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